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    Remix: On Death’s Door

    Vs the original This seemed like an easy one to completely change the message of. I took the book cover I made for a dime-store thriller novel and changed it to an anti-smoking poster. It was a fairly easy change but it sort of reverses the message of the book cover (from “look how cool this person is” to “look how dead this person is about to be”).

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    Music From Another Room

    The prompt (This is a folk song written in the 1800s that was recorded in 1922 and is now public domain. However, since it is a song that already exists, Soundcloud may flag it anyway. If it gets taken down, leave a comment and I’ll try to embed the file or something. Just so we’re all on the same page.) The description: It’s been fifteen years since the virus began spreading. It’s been ten since the vaccines failed, and six since it mutated into a hyper-deadly, hyper-contagious variant that wiped out 97% of the population. You’re one of the last survivors on the planet. As you raid an abandoned house…

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    Larger Than Life

    The prompt The photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/194821334@N06/shares/n989r8 (It refuses to embed, I don’t know why, but let me know if you can’t see it.) The prompt was to take a photo of something that makes it seem larger than it is. I was drawn to the chairs in the parlor downstairs in my dorm because to me, they’ve always looked like Steve’s chair from Blue’s Clues, just small. Not as big as his looked in the TV show. I shot the photo from the floor, angling it upward. I tried to keep the carpet out of frame so that it couldn’t be used as a reference for how big the chair was…

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    Writing Up My Writing Assignments

    I did four writing assignments this week from the assignment bank. None of the prompts were chosen for any particular reason, they just caught my eye. The first one, “Stressed Out,” is an acrostic poem about how I was feeling as I was writing it. I felt like I had too many things to do and I had no way to get it all done, so I wrote an acrostic (one of the easier poem styles to write) just to get it checked off the list. In the poem I also mentioned my perfectionism, because I worried that it, or anything I wrote, wouldn’t be good enough. Everything in the…

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    Writing Up The Assignments

    I’m putting the write-ups of all the assignments in one post rather than put it with the posts themselves because two out of the three assignments involved writing and I didn’t want it to be confusing with random chunks of meta-cognition at the end of the story. I wanted those to just be what they were. I hope that’s okay. Assignment one was the fanfiction assignment. I wrote a piece called “The Waitress” about a waitress in The Avengers. The prompt was to tell the story of the background people in a movie or TV show, so I chose her since the camera focuses on her for an extra long…