Radio Bumper

The prompt

For the radio bumper, I wanted to keep it fun and lighthearted as well as keeping with the theme. I took two quotes from Bob Ross that both encapsulate him and us, and I used the noise reduction feature of Audacity to make him stand out more. I then added “It’s the Joy of Creating!” (like Joy of Painting, but more broad, since this class is more broad) at the beginning and a standard “You’re listening to DS106 radio!” at the end. (That felt like a step away from “you’re watching Disney Channel and I don’t know how I feel about that.) Underneath that I put some peppy music that wouldn’t be too distracting since it was already busy enough with my words, Bob’s words, and the two very different qualities in microphones. I did my best in Sony Vegas Movie Maker (since I’m more familiar with editing audio there than on Audacity) to make him louder and more clear, but I could only do so much with my limited time, skills, and tools. He still sounds very different from me.

Now for the credit for the stuff that isn’t mine. The music came from StoryBlocks a long time ago and is called “Ambient Background Corporate.” I got the “And from all of us here, happy painting and God bless my friend” here and the “You ready to have some fun? Let’s get started” here.

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