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The Hobbit Cover

Is this the most original or involved project I’ve ever done? No, no it’s not. But there’s beauty in simplicity. The Hobbit is one of my favorite books of all time. Since it’s such a classic story that doesn’t need to sell itself (if you weren’t going to buy a copy, a flashy cover isn’t going to sell you), I went with a fairly simple design. If you know Tolkien’s lore, you’ll know that the reason he gives for all his characters speaking English is that he found the stories in an old tome called “the red book” and translated them for a modern audience, so I went with a red cover and gold lettering.

I designed this on Krita, which is a free, open-source art program that I have next to no experience with. If I was more experienced in there, I might have been able to make it look better, since as it stands it’s pretty bad. But I did my best, and Bob would say that’s what counts, right?


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