Captain Never-Itchy

The prompt

Jessica Booker was normal teenager. She spent her life going to high school, learning math and science like a nerd, and getting picked on by her bullies, the notorious Pink Squad. Those three girls, Dolly, Molly, and the ringleader Holly, were the most popular girls in school. Jessica was jealous of them, but since her name didn’t rhyme, she could never join the clique and was therefore hideous and unlovable.

One day, the notorious villain Poison Oak attacked Jessica’s school. (This was the female Poison Oak that debuted in Yellow Fox issue #17, not the male Poison Oak that has been a popular, well-known nemesis to Phantom Macaw for going on six decades. That Poison Oak is currently dead, this Poison Oak is his neighbor’s dog-walker’s sister-in-law’s niece, and the two met only once in a flashback during the End All Be All crossover event, issue #4, which let him transfer a portion of his powers to her. Seriously, why aren’t you caught up on all of this?) Everyone at Jessica’s school was covered in itchy rashes, including the Pink Squad. Everyone, that is, except for Jessica, who had taken cover inside the science classroom. While there, an experimental chemical spilled on her, making her immune to itchiness! Now, as Captain Never-Itchy, she fights crime and her nemesis Poison Oak to protect the people of Briny Breezes, Florida from her itchy ways!

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