Love, Hook

The prompt

Dear diary,

Pan found three new children to bring back with him to Neverland. One of these days, one of them is going to get hurt, and they’re all going to come crying to me as the only sane adult in this place. I have to get these kids out before some stunt he tries to pull kills one of them. But one of the kids he brought back this time was a girl. Maybe Peter’s finally growing up. Looking for a, uh… partner, rather than a stooge.

Tinkerbell isn’t taking the new addition well. Predictably, she came to me to kill Peter in her jealousy. Which seems drastic, but if I can figure out where he’s hiding those kids he’s captured, I can get them away while he’s distracted and maybe plant a diversion that will let us get to safety. The pixie is being more than cooperative. She’s so jealous. He’s got her wrapped around his finger, the poor girl. I don’t know how she thought a relationship with him would work, but she seems like she resents Peter for finding a female of his own species. Well, a species similar to his, anyway. And yet he’s leading her on like the two of them could ever make it work. I pity her for believing it.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen the crocodile. Perhaps it’s found a new victim to torment. But I can’t let my guard down. It has me exactly where it wants me. Someone PLEASE find that dinosaur a hobby. What does it do besides hunt me? It certainly looks well-fed enough. I wonder if the mermaids have been feeding it. I wonder if it’s feeding on the mermaids.


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