Photo Reflection (I Am Too Tired To Come Up With Flair)

I think I have a decent amount of experience with photography. My mom was a photographer professionally, so I know my way around a camera and I know what to do with a reflector and studio light. However, having my mom constantly taking photos made me very aware that anything I was doing could be recorded. As a result, I hate being on camera and don’t take many pictures of myself. I also have no idea how to pose when others want to take a photo of me.

I don’t take a lot of photos now, but when I do, they’re generally pretty good. I mostly shoot scenery (trees, sunsets, etc.) rather than people. I try to capture a sense of awe in my photos since I generally take photos of awesome things. I feel like I’m fairly successful at capturing the tone I want to, and when I’m not, there’s always Photoshop. I think I would improve my photos by not taking it so seriously. If I was constantly taking photos, like with my phone camera instead of my DSLR, I might be able to capture a humanity that my current photography skills can’t quite reach.

A single photo can definitely tell a story. I would say the three biggest ways are framing, subject, and color composition. Framing as in what’s in the photo and what’s out, angle, focus, that kind of thing. Subject as in what you’re taking a photo of. Color composition as in light or dark, vibrant or gray, contrast, that kind of thing. What gets bright colors and what doesn’t.

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