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The project idea I had, I don’t think will really work for this assignment, so that will have to wait another day. For this project, I love doing tragedy or a style that I have dubbed “fluff falling apart,” namely something that seems simple and quaint at first is actually far more complex than it seems or part of a wider story, where there is far more story than what is told. Sort of a slice-of-life snapshot that, when the camera pulls back, the audience sees a far more dark, dramatic backdrop than the individual the story is focused on. In a way, like the opposite of what Pixar does. Instead of complex stories taking place in fairly simple (although highly creative and detailed, I mean no shade) environments, have simple stories take place in complex environments.

I’ve also wanted to do something with sci-fi or fantasy for a while. I think it would be interesting, especially with a video or other visual media, what kind of special effects we could pull off on a nothing budget. Maybe something like what the not-heroes do as the aliens invade, or how Americans react to Godzilla attacking Japan. Or maybe a lunar base that was cut off from Earth when a war broke out (like current events meets the Martian) and the astronauts have to survive and continue their mission and living their lives like nothing is going on because what else can they do?

I’m not really sure what I want to do, but those were the ideas I came up with.

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  • Paul

    The parallel story idea has lots of possibilities. I could see the Godzilla one being done as news segments, reporting on what’s going on over there, covering how people here are divided about it and what to do about it, and incorporating infographics, and maybe commercials for Japan- and Godzilla-themed products. If you want to get adventurous you could experiment with OBS ( during video weeks to find ways to bring multiple videos and images together.

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