Radio Show Progress Week 1

Alright, I have not done my part yet for the show, but I’m not going to before this is due so I’m just writing this now.

This week we planned our show and outlined it as well as assigning roles in the creation process. We have everything set up and outlined/planned. We met in person on Monday to talk about it. We have a timeline, and we came up with some characters as well as how they’re introduced. The hardest part was really creating the plot and getting everyone on the same page. We all had different ideas and it took us a while to realize we weren’t on the same page. Once we started using the whiteboard, we made some progress.

My job is going to be to write the dialogue of the murder as a radio play. I haven’t done it yet, I’m planning on doing it this weekend. We’re trying to get the writing done by the end of Sunday. Since I just have to write the murder and the day leading up to it, I don’t have to keep as much in mind as the other two. We decided on that section being roughly fifteen minutes long, which my past script-writing experience tells me will take an afternoon for me to write. We’re also going to be acting, but we haven’t decided who will play what part or what that’s going to look like yet. I also made a bumper as an assignment, but since someone else was taking those on, I really wouldn’t be offended if we didn’t use it.

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