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I’ve always been passionate about charities and ocean pollution in particular, so I was drawn to this prompt. I chose #TeamSeas because it was so popular for a little while. I wanted to remind people that it is still very much active. You can still donate.

The main audience of this poster is already familiar with #TeamSeas, so it was more important to have an eye-catching poster than something covered in information. I chose a simple font that would be easy to read. The image is from Pexels. I chose it because it showed the human element of the trash cleanup rather than just the problem like many of the other images showed. I compiled it all on Canva.


  • Ty

    This is a wonderfully inspiring poster that is simplistic in nature but packs a very powerful message. I love what Team Seas and Team Trees are doing, so great job doing something to promote a fantastic movement.

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