Telling Stories In Photos

I’m trying to be a better photographer (aren’t we all) so here are some of the tips I implemented this week.


8 photo techniques” by Rob Wall suggested using lines, especially diagonal lines, to add interest and lead the eye around the photo. There are plenty of lines here that stand out pretty well, and it makes you wonder about the window, the lights, even the dresser handle, like they should be what the photo focuses on. Instead, you appreciate the detail in the drawer, like a moment to breathe in the present moment without looking into the future. The lines promise that we’ll get to the handle, the lights, the window, but for now, check this out.

Wall also suggested keeping the background out of focus so the attention stays on the subject, like I did here. I focused on my glasses (the only things that let me see in focus) while my plants and the UC are in the background, again promising something more interesting in the future, but first a moment in the present.


Finally, Wall suggested using closeups so that the subject filled the frame, which I did here. I shot from underneath a painting, so the details of the paint and canvas really stand out. It makes the painting seem like a gargantuan masterpiece, but really it was something I did out of a kit in my spare time.


I don’t know that I’ll use these tips for every photo I’ll take from now on, but I’ll definitely keep it in the back of my mind for when I do need to take a more interesting photo.

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