That’s Not What I Expected

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The prompt says you should guess what it is, so write in the comments what you think it is and then come back. There’s a photo of what this is in full further down but just ignore it. Scroll fast. You did it? You’re back? Good.

This is a closeup of a paint-by-number I finished last night. I shot from the very bottom of the painting where it as hanging on my wall and pointed straight up. The full painting is of a busy cafe at night. I spent weeks working on painting it so I’m really proud of it now that it’s done and I wanted to show it off. Also, it made a neat closeup. I didn’t crop it or anything, I left all the clues there. I think it’s fairly easy to guess that it’s a painting of some kind, but it’s more difficult to guess what it could be a painting of, especially because the colors aren’t particularly realistic. I also ignored some of the lines and color suggestions and made it my own a bit. Bob Ross would be proud that I made it my own world. Here it is in its entirety:

The Paint-By-Number I did

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