Video Show Plan: Specially Safara

Safara creates a vlog of her daily life after the apocalypse, although she doesn’t recognize it as such since this is the only life she’s ever known. I’m not thinking it’s going to be super scripted, I’d rather adlib so it sounds more natural, but here’s the order of events.

  • Wake up
  • Get ready with me (apocalypse clothes, masking scent, checking the weather, breakfast)
  • Generate electricity (spin the blades of a fan and hook it up to “battery” toolbox)
  • Water plants (need to have several or the carbon dioxide content of the room becomes too high)
  • Quick room tour (other bed is bc old roommate died, leave it made just in case)
  • Hunting (can use a furry blanket for what I’ve caught, maybe polar bear? Can show stock footage of animal, maybe gun sound effects or footage)
  • Running from bad guys, lose kill
  • Cooking from stores of food, running low but it’s been a few days since a real meal, soup from unnamed can
  • Bedtime routine (clean, floss, brush teeth, set traps and alarms, clean clothes)
  • End

Once I get training on the production studio in the HCC (appointment is tomorrow) I will have a better idea of what the production schedule will be, but since it’s just me I’m not worried about it. I also like to change things as I go, so it may evolve. I don’t like planning super tightly, especially since it’s just me and my own schedule I have to work around.


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