Week 3 Summary (Plus Some Title Flair)

This week was writing week, and writing is my jam. This week was also a hard week for me with my other classes, work, and trying to get my anxiety under control, so this was a good week to be something I’m already familiar with.

My writing wasn’t anything groundbreaking this week, I don’t think. It wasn’t some masterpiece, it wasn’t dripping with creativity. Still, I think I did fairly well given the circumstances. “Stressed Out” was definitely a good release, more for me than for any audience. “Captain Never-Itchy” was a parody poking fun at some of my favorite tropes of one of my favorite ways to tell stories, but it wasn’t anything unique that no one else could have come up with, you know? “I’m Just So Tired” was way overdramatic. I meant it to be silly, poking fun at the dramatic “woe is me” type monologues you see in theater every so often, but I don’t know how well that came across in the piece itself, and it may seem more like I was serious. (If I was serious, it was not so good. But I wasn’t. It was a joke. I know it was cliche.) “Love, Hook” was a diary entry by Captain Hook. It was also fairly silly, painting Captain Hook as the good guy. I could have/would have/should have written something on the more serious side, but I didn’t. It’s not what I was feeling or needed this week. I found it was more difficult to bring in Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting, this week, but I explained how I did in my write-up post.

I also wrote an analysis of the story of The Mariner’s Revenge Song. I love the song and the tragic story it tells. I feel like it’s a good example of telling a story from the point of view of a bad character who believes they’re justified in their actions, believes they’re doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, that sort of thing. I struggle to write those sorts of characters because I always either make them justified in their actions or make them so evil it’s hard to believe they don’t realize how bad their actions are.

There was also the outline for the long-form story. In the GroupMe chat with other students in the class, it seemed to throw people for a loop. I just used a story I’ve been meaning to do something with for a while, so I just wrote down what I’ve been formulating in my head. Since what I have is individual scenes rather than a full plot, outlining really helped me put it together in a way that made sense and connect it to the song that shares a name with the setting and the story.

I did four daily creates this week. I felt like some of them were harder because I felt like I needed things (like clothes from half a century ago) that I didn’t have access to in my dorm room, but I did my best with the resources I had.

Finally, I wasn’t able to comment as much as I could last week, but I still did here, here, and here. I clicked on things from the class website that had titles that caught my eye, not for any particular reason about the work itself. I’m realizing that the titles matter more than I’ve been giving them credit for, so I’ll have to put more effort into my future titles.

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