Weekly Summary 1

This week was a lot of getting things set up and working. Some of it, like a YouTube account and website, I already had set up. Others, like Twitter and Soundcloud, I had to make. That was the bulk of the work this week, setting things up and experimenting with them.

One of the more frustrating things about this week was that nothing seemed to want to work like it should. My phone and computer didn’t want to talk to each other, it meant that I had to scrap the plans I had and come up with something on the fly. That, and I felt like there wasn’t much guidance on what was expected of me, but I expect to get a better grasp on that as the course goes on.

I did work through some of the problems I was having, like Flickr not uploading my photo, and now I know how to fix them if they happen again. I also appreciated that “I can’t, I’m watching Bob Ross for class,” was a reasonable excuse for not making plans.

Getting used to the new platforms was the biggest thing this week, so I feel like I have pent-up creative energy ready to explode for next week.

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