• Classwork

    Apocalyptic Combination

    The original pictureThe original sound I didn’t change anything about the sound, but I paired it (and it’s absurdly-specific description) with Apocalypse Training Camp, which is now not at all what it was. I swapped where the title and text were, and completely changed what it said from an ad for a summer camp preparing for a hypothetical future apocalypse to the sayings of someone actually living in one. I changed it to more closely match the description I wrote of the song, which is now also the video description.

  • Classwork

    Gandalf and Pippin Vol 2

    The promptThe first attempt I knew I wanted to redo this one and get rid of some of the distortion. I rerecorded the lines, pitched Gandalf down 8% and cut the echo in half (both the delay and the decay were cut in half). Pippin I pitched up roughly 4%. They were slower than they were before, since I fixed some pacing that was bothering me from the first one, so I added the music back in and had it fade out as well as making it significantly quieter.