• Classwork

    Don’t Mind Me Putting Way Too Much Effort Into My Trailer

    I love making movie trailers, so even though this was going to be a quick project, I spent all day on it. There are Easter eggs if you care to look for them. The process was fairly simple: I recorded myself on my laptop camera. The test screen was already downloaded with my editor. The static noise (and the voice cutting through) was my mouth and some heavy filters. I made the logos in Canva.

  • Classwork

    Video Show Plan: Specially Safara

    Safara creates a vlog of her daily life after the apocalypse, although she doesn’t recognize it as such since this is the only life she’s ever known. I’m not thinking it’s going to be super scripted, I’d rather adlib so it sounds more natural, but here’s the order of events. Wake up Get ready with me (apocalypse clothes, masking scent, checking the weather, breakfast) Generate electricity (spin the blades of a fan and hook it up to “battery” toolbox) Water plants (need to have several or the carbon dioxide content of the room becomes too high) Quick room tour (other bed is bc old roommate died, leave it made just…