• Classwork

    Week 3 Summary (Plus Some Title Flair)

    This week was writing week, and writing is my jam. This week was also a hard week for me with my other classes, work, and trying to get my anxiety under control, so this was a good week to be something I’m already familiar with. My writing wasn’t anything groundbreaking this week, I don’t think. It wasn’t some masterpiece, it wasn’t dripping with creativity. Still, I think I did fairly well given the circumstances. “Stressed Out” was definitely a good release, more for me than for any audience. “Captain Never-Itchy” was a parody poking fun at some of my favorite tropes of one of my favorite ways to tell stories,…

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    Week 2 Summary (And Here’s Some Flair For The Title)

    The biggest things I did this week were the daily creates and the assignments from the assignment bank. The daily creates threw me at first, but as I started doing them and getting into the swing of it I got more comfortable with them. The queen one with the eels was hard because I had this whole fairy tale I wanted to tell but got cut short. I feel like the one with the really big book didn’t make a lot of sense, but I committed to it anyway (the joke was the author wrote down every accomplishment that has ever been attributed to “Anonymous” but I feel like it…

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    Weekly Summary 1

    This week was a lot of getting things set up and working. Some of it, like a YouTube account and website, I already had set up. Others, like Twitter and Soundcloud, I had to make. That was the bulk of the work this week, setting things up and experimenting with them. One of the more frustrating things about this week was that nothing seemed to want to work like it should. My phone and computer didn’t want to talk to each other, it meant that I had to scrap the plans I had and come up with something on the fly. That, and I felt like there wasn’t much guidance…