Larger Than Life

The prompt

The photo:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/194821334@N06/shares/n989r8 (It refuses to embed, I don’t know why, but let me know if you can’t see it.)


The prompt was to take a photo of something that makes it seem larger than it is. I was drawn to the chairs in the parlor downstairs in my dorm because to me, they’ve always looked like Steve’s chair from Blue’s Clues, just small. Not as big as his looked in the TV show. I shot the photo from the floor, angling it upward. I tried to keep the carpet out of frame so that it couldn’t be used as a reference for how big the chair was and make it seem bigger. As a happy accident, (hey, Bob Ross!) my finger under the phone put it at a Dutch angle, which is traditionally used in cinematography to show that something (i.e. a situation, character, etc.) is weird or wrong. So the accidental Dutch angle in my photo adds to the fact that something is weird, the chair is huge! The lens flare, another happy accident, makes it seem majestic and grand, adding to the largeness, I think. In real life it’s a normal sized chair, maybe on the small side.

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